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The eyes are often said to be the window into the soul. At Myint Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery, we specialize in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the eyes and face, allowing you to show off the true you. Whether for medical or strictly aesthetic reasons, you can always feel safe and secure in the hands of Dr. Shoib Myint — a renowned Oculo Facial Plastic Surgeon — and his experienced staff. Our Las Vegas, NV surgical facility is accredited by the AAAASF, underlining our deep commitment to providing high-quality and responsible medical care.

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Dr. Shoib Myint

Dr. Myint is a board certified and fellowship trained Oculo Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is one of only few Oculo Facial plastic surgeons in the United States, specializing in plastic surgery of the eyes, brows, and face. He has been in practice for over 20 years, which distinguishes him as one of the foremost experts in his field. In fact, he has served in many predominant roles, including as the former president of the American Osteopathic College of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery.

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From necessary reconstructive surgeries to aesthetic procedures designed to improve your self-confidence, Dr. Myint is highly trained in a wide number of oculofacial procedures.






"Looking 10 Years Younger!!!! I feel confident and see the bright, young eyes I knew before - Dr. Myint performed my brow lift two weeks ago, and I absolutely love the results. The procedure resulted in minimal discomfort relieved by Tylenol for two days. Before my brow lift, I disliked looking at pictures of myself, and always appeared exhausted. Now I feel confident and see the bright, young eyes I knew before. I have tried multiple non-invasive lasers over the last few years, and have even tried injectables. I am very happy that I consulted with Dr. Myint and proceeded with a surgical procedure that will benefit my looks for many years to come. If you want youthful, beautiful, natural-looking results, treat yourself to Dr. Myint's talents. Dr. Myint is highly accomplished, has a superb bedside manner, and will provide ample information before and after the procedure."



"I have been a patient of Dr. Myint for the last few years and I'm extremely happy with his expertise and results. He is truly knowledgable and highly talented. A real artist in the best sense of the word. He is also very good in reconstruction surgery and in fixing the mistakes of other doctors. His results are natural and always perfect. As a model and beauty queen I wouldn't trust anyone else."



"I have always wanted to get a (blepharoplasty) upper and lower eyelid surgery. I chose Dr Myint because of his extensive experience with eye surgery as well as head and neck surgery. The staff made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions without hesitation. The day of my surgery I was feeling very anxious and nervous,about having my surgery done. Dr Myint and his staff made me feel very comfortable the day of my surgery to ease my anxiety. After my surgery Dr Myint and staff called me the day after to ease my mind about any questions that I had and to let me know that I didn't very well during the surgery. I cannot Express how much the surgery has changed my life. I was having trouble with my vision and the eye surgery took care of that issue. Not only did the surgery take care of my vision issues but also took 10 years off of my appearance to give me a more youthful look. I cannot thank Dr Myint and his staff enough for this positive experience and outcome. I would recommend Dr Myint to anyone looking to improve their appearance , vision and quality of life. Sincerely Andrew Truffin"



"It may sound crazy but I chose Dr. Myint because of his name "Myint" meant to me that his work would demonstrate " mint condition". So far I have not been disappointed. He is straight forward and honest. He walked me thru the healing process. Everything he told me is just how it happened, so no unpleasant surprises. He assured me that if by chance I wasn't pleased with any part of the surgery he would fix it. Can't ask for anymore than that. I looked old and tired with the under eye bags and wrinkles that they presented so I wanted them gone. Although I still have some healing to do, my appearance has improved greatly and things get better daily. I'm happy that I chose him. Nice to have someone you can trust with your face😊"



"I would like to take this time to talk directly to future patients who are thinking about having some work done and what to expect. I have had 2 surgeries and I highly recommend Dr. Myint at the Smith's Plastic Surgery. My first surgery was for the huge bags I had under my eyes. It was another surgeon who recommended Dr Myint because of the elasticity of my skin this surgeon wasn't comfortable performing the surgery because he was afraid I may have a droopy eye, ect.... He was right. Dr. Myint was unbelievable as was his staff. I had anxiety before the surgery as many patients do but the staff and Dr Myint made me very relaxed before I went in for the procedure. After about 6 months I decided at 64 year young I wanted the hanging skin and jowls removed and tightened up. Since my eye surgery went so well I knew I wanted no one but Dr Myint and his staff to perform my 2nd surgery. I am extremely very happy with both surgeries and my wife says I took 10 years younger. I truly recommend The Smith Plastic Surgery and Dr Myint as your choice in getting a touch-up! Bradley"




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