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As an oculofacial plastic and cosmetic surgeon In practice for over 20 years, I have seen many patients over the years who have lost weight, changed their lifestyle, added more efficient exercise routines, consulted with lifestyle coaches, started on a new nutritional quest, and even gone to health retreats before seeking my advice on plastic surgery. One critical component they were all missing in my opinion was paying attention to the largest organ in their body, your SKIN. So, after you sweat it out to achieve that sexy body, don’t you want to make your largest visible organ shine and glow and look beautiful? I didn’t understand the power of certain food groups on your skin until I started putting my facial plastic surgery patients on 16 oz of green juice twice a day for three weeks before and after the surgery. What I noticed was that not only did they recover from surgery almost twice as fast, but the cell turns over from the rich antioxidants made their skin look marvelous! Imagine that. My patients then starting asking what they could eat routinely in their day to help their skin look more youthful and heal faster.

So, as you train your body, mind and soul to achieve that look you so desire, remember these 8 foods rich in antioxidants which will speed cell turnover, protect your skin, heal faster when you undergo surgery, and compliment your new sexy body:

Red bell peppers

It’s richness in vitamin C (L ascorbic acid) makes this group a must. We all have heard vitamin c is good for you. However, very few of my patients and patients in general really understand the benefits of vitamin C when it comes to your skin. It’s most effective in protecting against UV damage to the cells in your skin by preventing the oxidation of these cells. Oxidation (cell damage) is what happens to our skin as we age from constant exposure to UV rays. Vit C is an antioxidant. It also helps your wounds to heal faster by promoting healthy skin cells to replicate. There are some studies suggesting the role of vitamin C in decreasing the roughness of your skin by preventing water loss on the skin surface as well as decreasing skin tumor cells. So, mix those red bell peppers and see your skin brighten and look better than before.


This delicious colorful group is so high in antioxidants, it combats free radical damage. Free radicals are the enemy to your collagen in your skin causing wrinkles.


Where do you think the smoothness and softness of your skin comes from? Linolenic acid. The abundance of omega 3s in salmon has the magic ingredient alpha linolenic acid which does the trick. It can also help you with chronic skin problems such as psoriasis.


If you want a good moisturizer that tastes good, eat some guacamole! It’s the vitamin E in avocados which hydrate your skin and protects it from those harmful UV Rays.


It’s so good for you it will make you cry. The magic in onions lie in one of its most powerful ingredients: quercetin. Quercetin is one of many plant-based metabolites called bioflavonoids. It’s a powerful antioxidant which can reverse wrinkles, reduce age spots and even fight spider veins by neutralizing the oxidative process which damages the collagen in the skin.

Sweet Potatoes

The key ingredient here is beta carotene. The reason why beta carotene is so important for us is that it is the precursor to vitamin A. Once ingested, beta carotene has its benefits by either converting to vitamin A or acting as an antioxidant protecting skin cells. It regulates the thickness of your skin and collagen synthesis both essential to the vibrant youthful looking skin. Either way the effects of vitamin A on your skin cells is so powerful that many leading skin care companies use it in their skin care products.


Like the red bell peppers, this tart fruit has plenty of vitamin C. It has more antioxidant then green tea and red wine. It does wonders for your cell regeneration, collagen production, sun damage protection, anti-aging properties, anti-inflammatory effects, and deep hydration. I love this fruit!

Whole grains

I include this group because of its polyphenols along with carotenoids (sweet potatoes). The polyphenols are plant-based phytochemicals. Aside from its many benefits to your health in general, whole grains has a strong protective element from UV light by blocking its penetration. A healthy skin can’t be faked. It needs to have the right nutrition.

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