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Ptosis, or a droopy eyelid, occurs is when the upper eyelid sits in an abnormally low position. The degree of tissue sagging varies from patient to patient, but the eyelid can droop just a little or low enough to impede healthy vision. This condition affects both children and adults of varying ages but can be treated to improve one's field of vision and aesthetic. Dr. Shoib Myint is a skilled ophthalmic plastic surgeon who offers treatment for ptosis at Myint Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV. He has years of experience in oculofacial plastic surgery and can help you or your loved one achieve healthier vision and a more natural appearance so you can get back to enjoying the things you love.

causes and symptoms of ptosis

Ptosis is usually caused by age-related muscle weakness, injury, a neurologic condition, or previous eye surgery. It could be congenital or develop over time with advanced age. The most obvious symptoms of ptosis include a droopy upper eyelid and impaired vision. Children who are born with ptosis generally experience other eye-related issues, such as difficulty moving their eye, muscle disease, or tumors on their eyelid. This can also lead to a lazy eye (amblyopia), astigmatism, or it can lead a child to adopt a chin-up position to see better, resulting in neck problems. 

Treatment for ptosis

Regardless of age, ptosis is usually treated with surgery. However, for younger patients who also have a lazy eye, Dr. Myint may recommend specialized glasses, an eye patch, or medicated eye drops to strengthen the weaker eye. Ptosis surgery is typically an outpatient procedure that takes about 1 – 2 hours depending on whether one or both eyes are being treated. The goal of surgery is to tighten or reattach the eyelid muscle with sutures in order to adjust the height of the eyelid. The incision is made within the natural crease of the eyelid, which makes it difficult to notice with the naked eye.

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tighter eyelids

If you or your child has struggled with ptosis for years, reach out to Myint Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas to schedule a consultation with seasoned ophthalmic plastic surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint. With surgical treatment, a droopy eyelid can be addressed to help improve your field of vision and symmetry of your upper eyelids. Since this procedure is sometimes considered medically necessary to correct vision, partial insurance coverage may be available depending on your provider and unique benefits. During your initial consultation, we can estimate your costs and review all of your payment options.

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