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Dr. Myint and our seasoned aesthetic team place patient safety and premier plastic surgery results as our top priorities. For this reason, our team has worked effortlessly to achieve the highest standards for surgical accreditation. We are also proud to employ the best board-certified anesthesiologists in Las Vegas to ensure the safety and comfort of our patients.


Looking 10 Years Younger!!!! I feel confident and see the bright, young eyes I knew before - Dr. Myint performed my brow lift two weeks ago, and I absolutely love the results. The procedure resulted in minimal discomfort relieved by Tylenol for two days. Before my brow lift, I disliked looking at pictures of myself, and always appeared exhausted. Now I feel confident and see the bright, young eyes I knew before. I have tried multiple non-invasive lasers over the last few years, and have even tried injectables. I am very happy that I consulted with Dr. Myint and proceeded with a surgical procedure that will benefit my looks for many years to come. If you want youthful, beautiful, natural-looking results, treat yourself to Dr. Myint's talents. Dr. Myint is highly accomplished, has a superb bedside manner, and will provide ample information before and after the procedure.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Myint for the last few years and I'm extremely happy with his expertise and results. He is truly knowledgable and highly talented. A real artist in the best sense of the word. He is also very good in reconstruction surgery and in fixing the mistakes of other doctors. His results are natural and always perfect. As a model and beauty queen I wouldn't trust anyone else.

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Wow!! Not only is he gorgeous haha...... Dr. Myint has changed my life forever! Ive had surgery at the Jules Stein eye Institute at UCLA by the Chief of surgery, then I found Dr. Myint!!! He is even better than my UCLA surgeon!! He is a true artist that genuinely cares about his patients, their results and their lives!! Ive been a patient for almost 10 yrs! Im truly blessed to have him as my Doctor!!!

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For the last couple of years I had been considering an upper eyelid lift.   I was very self conscious about my upper lids and how much they sagged and created a ’tired" overall look.  With just six months standing between me and my 50th birthday, I started seriously seeking out the best Doctor to consult about this procedure.  Realizing that I only have two eyes and I very much appreciate my ability to see well, I was not bargain hunting, I was looking for the most skilled and proficient doctor.  Many of my friends had had this procedure and I was less than impressed with their outcome.  While I live in Las Vegas, I opened my search to the surrounding states that were easily accessible by car;  Nevada, CA, Utah, Arizona   After days of research,  I chose Dr. Myint because he is an eye specialist and has years of experience with this procedure.   Here are a few details that I especially appreciated: Dr. Myint’s office is astetically pleasing, clean and professional.  Dr. Myint offers an in person or Video consulation which was extremely thourough and his personal assistant, Brittany, is so kind, helpful and knowledgable.  Dr. Myint has his own anastisiologist, that works with him regurlarly and this procedure was not going to be performed with local annastesia which is common these days.  Dr. Myint has a state of the art Operating Room on site and there is no need to go to a hospital or outside facility for the procedure.  Dr. Myint has an excellent surgical team that supports you every step of the way and assists you from the moment you arrive for your surgery, through post-op care.This was my very first surgery ever and I had no idea what to expect.  In terms of the procedure itself, once they administered the IV in the pre-op room, the surgery itself was painless.  The staff called my husband to pick me up and the healing process was in motion.  There was significant swelling and overall I was uncomfortable  (not in pain) but this was to be expected.  Ice & tylenol became my best friend for the first three days  of recovery and I was surprised at how quickly I was able to do many of my daily activities.   My stitches were removed 7 days after surgery and my healing was steady and without incident.  My surgery was a complete and total success and the impact on my look is significant.  Many of my friends and family agree that I look 10 years younger.  Most importantly, my self confidence has greatly improved and I feel bright, young and happy.   If you are considering this procedure,  would definately recommend Dr. Myint

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After retiring to Las Vegas in 2010, I consulted several LV doctors to find a plastic surgeon for upper eyelid surgery. All three doctors recommended Dr. Myint for the reason that he is only one of several Oculo Facial Plastic Surgeons world-wide and is the top in his field. I then googled him and was very impressed with his credentials. I went with him and since then have had several other procedures done by Dr. Myint. In all cases, I was extremely pleased with the results. He is an amazing and wonderful doctor, and I can attest that he lives up to everything stated on his website. The words: beloved, trust, passionate, cautious, and caring accurately describe Dr. Myint. I think the world of him and his staff Alexzandra and Brittney, and highly recommend Dr. Myint to anyone seeking to improve their appearance.

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