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What is Tearing Eye?

Watering or tearing eyes, also known as epiphora, is a condition that causes excessive tear production. The eyes rely on a healthy supply of lubrication to maintain optimal moisture for clear vision and function. When there is an imbalance in the tear film, it can prevent light from focusing properly on the retina, thereby impairing vision and resulting in chronic watering eyes. This condition is common among patients of all ages. If you've struggled with tearing eyes, call Myint Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery to set up an appointment with seasoned ophthalmic plastic surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint.

What are the Causes and symptoms of tearing eye?

The two main causes of watering eyes are excessive production of tears and obstructed tear ducts. Blocked or narrow tear ducts are often the result of swelling or chronic irritation. This generally prevents tears from being able to drain properly, which leads to tear buildup and infection. Watering eyes are usually brought on by dry eye syndrome, inflammatory disorders, allergies, aging, certain medications, and tumors. Common symptoms include blurred vision, mucous discharge, eye irritation, persistent redness in the eye, swelling, and pain in the inner corner of the eyelids.

Dr. Myint performed surgery on my lower lids to correct assymmetry of my eyes, with which I was born. He didn't stop until I was satisfied with the results. He did a beautiful job and greatly improved my facial symmetry. He also corrected a tearing problem in my left eye. He is a kind and caring doctor. He is self-effacing about his superior skill as an ocular plastic surgeon even though he has authored many books on the subject. He is very personable. I highly recommend him.

J.S. Healthgrades

I had Dr. Myint do my dry eye surgery he is very professional and repaired my dry eye. I am glad he knew what to do to cure my problem.

K.G. Google


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What are the Risk Factors for Tearing Eye?

Anyone can have epiphora, but certain factors put you more at risk of developing this condition. Those with a family history of tearing eyes, who suffer from frequent allergies, and those who take some prescription medications are more likely to develop tearing eyes. Additionally, older people may develop this condition due to age-related changes in the tear film. Patients should be aware of the potential effects of certain medical conditions, as they can also trigger or worsen epiphora.

How Is Tearing Eye Diagnosed?

Epiphora is typically diagnosed with a special eye exam and/or a series of tests. If Dr. Myint suspects that your tear ducts are blocked, he may use a technique to check that your tears are flushing substances out of the eye normally. If that test confirms the blocked duct, he may conduct some imaging tests to discover the extent of the issue. Once he has a grasp of what your tearing eye looks like, he can decide what treatment is necessary.

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How is tearing eye treated?

Depending on the severity and exact cause of tearing eyes, treatment options will vary. The most common forms of therapy include over-the-counter artificial tears, prescription medications, antibiotics, and tear duct plugs. In severe cases, surgical intervention may be needed to create a new pathway for tear drainage. During your initial exam, Dr. Myint will perform a thorough evaluation to determine which treatment option may be best for you.

What can I Expect After Tearing Eye Treatment?

Because the causes of tearing eyes or excessive tear production are so diverse, there are a variety of treatment options available. With prescription medications and antibiotics, most patients can expect to experience reduced redness, swelling, irritation, and tearing within weeks as the medications reduce the causative factors making your eyes tear. For patients who may need more extensive treatment, for example, blocked tear duct surgery, they can expect mild bleeding for a day or two after their procedure with minor discomfort that is typically easily controlled with OTC pain relievers. Most should plan to allow about a week for recovery. Dr. Myint will schedule a follow-up exam to ensure that you are properly healing and improving.

Average Cost

$3,000.00 - $5,000.00

Recovery Time

1 – 3 Months

Average Procedure Time

1 – 2 Hours

Post-op Follow-up

1 Week

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What causes tearing eyes?

There are many reasons your eyes can tear excessively, including exposure to irritants (dust, smoke, pollen, etc.), allergies, cold and/or sinus infections, dry eyes, keratitis, certain medications, or exposure to wind and bright sunlight. In some instances, it can be caused by epiphora, which is a condition that causes excessive tear production.

When should you go to the doctor for watery eyes?

If you are experiencing reduced vision, pain in and/or around your eyes, or the sensation of something being in your eye, you should visit a doctor.

What do watery eyes mean?

There are many reasons your eyes can be watery. Including the reasons listed above and epiphora, too much screen time, eye fatigue, aging, or a blocked tear duct can cause your eyes to water. If you are experiencing excessive eye tearing that affects your eyesight or comfort, you should always see a doctor.

What does it mean if one eye keeps watering?

A common cause of watering eyes is a blocked tear duct or narrow tear ducts. This prevents the tears from draining and will make them build up in the tear sac. This can increase the risk of infection and may cause irritation and inflammation.

Is tearing eyes a serious medical condition?

In many cases, tearing eyes are not a serious medical concern and can be resolved with proper care. However, if tearing is accompanied by severe pain, vision changes, or other concerning symptoms, it's important to seek medical attention promptly.

Can tearing eyes be prevented?

While not all cases of tearing eyes can be prevented, some measures can help reduce the likelihood. This includes avoiding known allergens, practicing good eye hygiene, and seeking prompt treatment for underlying eye conditions.

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