Las Vegas, NV | Media Appearance - Fox 5 More Show | Myint Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery

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Speaker 1: Okay. I guess it's already done. Well guys, turning to More Health now, as we age there are conditions that can restrict our field of vision and create potentially dangerous situations. The good news is that there are doctors here in the Valley, who are trained to alleviate that problem. And Sean McAllister explains.

Sean McAllister: A fixture here in the Valley for over 20 years, at Nevada Eye Physicians there's a whole lot more behind the name than what you think. Dr. Myint is an Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon, which means...

Dr. Myint: I am a plastic surgeon that does reconstructive and cosmetic work around the eyes.

Sean McAllister: What does that mean for patients?

Dr. Myint: The goal is for them to look refreshed either way. Even if it's a... I tell patients, Even if it's a functional cause that we're doing, they come in for insurance reason, my job is still for them to look refreshed. Great results with no downtime.

Sean McAllister: Many people come to Nevada Eye Physicians to correct tearing eyes, eyelid cancers, and thyroid eye disease, along with droopy eyelids, and droopy brows.

Dr. Myint: By the raising the eyelid, or raising the eyebrow, I can increase that field of vision that has been obstructed.

Sean McAllister: Cosmetically, Dr. Myint sees a fair number of patients who are looking to correct the work that another doctor has previously done.

Dr. Myint: I see a lot of patients coming in have things done on their eyelid that probably shouldn't have had that procedure done. The thing that gives me the biggest joy in dealing with these patients is, for me, to empower them with the knowledge that they need so they make the right decision.

Sean McAllister: Neck and facial rejuvenation is also down here, something we saw firsthand.

Dr. Myint: Can you tell me what's bothering you about your face?

Speaker 4: They seem hollow to me, and I think I need some more volume.

Dr. Myint: Okay. She wants more volume in her cheeks, which is what we had talked about earlier. I'm going to put a little bit of a hyaluronic acid filler in her cheeks, Juviderm. Through this canula we can inject the product without causing any bruising. If you could imagine, I'm going under the belly of the muscle, putting this filler in versus taking a needle and going and injecting in multiple spots. What I've done is I've created a little pillar here, and it's very subtle, but that subtlety is what you want. If you do too much, then what it's going to do is it's going to swell and it's going to cause an unevenness. The goal is to keep this very, very soft.

Sean McAllister: With decades of experience, and refreshing results on the procedures performed here, a simple call to Nevada Eye Physicians could be an eyeopening experience.

Dr. Myint: They're able to access by going online, calling, make an appointment and come in for a consult.