Myint Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery can correct functional or cosmetic issues through cutting-edge eye procedures in Beverly Hills, CA and Las Vegas, NV. Our office addresses concerns, such as eyelid cancer, eyelid trauma, tearing eye, thyroid eye disease, and eyelid malposition. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint also offers eyelid lift and brow lift surgery to remove excess tissue around the eyes. Contact our expert team for a personalized plan that meets your unique goals.


Eyelid Lift

An eyelid lift carefully removes excess skin above the eyes or addresses puffy tissue below the eyes for patients in Las Vegas, NV.

Brow Lift

A brow lift is an aesthetic surgery that strategically excises lax skin in the upper portion of the face to achieve a tighter and younger look.

Revisional Eyelid Lift

Revisional eyelid lift surgery is performed to correct defects or disfiguration of the eyelids due to the unfavorable results of a previous procedure.

Fat Transfer Blepharoplasty

Dr. Myint can help patients rejuvenate their eyes with a lower eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) with fat transfer.

Eyelid Cancer

Eyelid cancer is a broad term that describes the different types of skin cancers that develop on or inside the eyelid, resulting in malignant tumors.

Eyelid Reconstruction

Reconstructive surgery is designed to correct eyelid trauma that developed as a result of a severe injury, tumor removal, or botched eyelid surgery.

Tearing Eye

Tearing eyes is a common eye condition that causes excessive tear production due to blocked tear ducts, dry eyes, or certain medical conditions.

Thyroid Eye Disease

Thyroid eye disease (TED) is a condition that impacts the health and function of the eyes, resulting in blurred vision, bulging of the eyes, and more.

Eyelid Malposition

Eyelid malposition describes the collection of conditions that affect the natural appearance of the eyelids, resulting in poor function and pain.


Ptosis, or a droopy eyelid, is a condition that hinders the position of the upper eyelid, resulting in impaired vision and an abnormal appearance.
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