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Dr. Myint: We have a question from @babyb257, have you heard about the necessity of fresh ground black pepper, either ingesting it or drinking it to increase the absorption in your bloodstream. Well, fresh ground black pepper is a source of piperine. It comes from the black pepper plant. Now, when ingested by itself, it really doesn't have a big effect in your body, but when you ingest it in conjunction with a supplement, it increases the absorption of that supplement significantly. For example, now fresh ground black pepper is used in conjunction with curcumin, which is the active ingredient turmeric, which I spoke about. Now, aside from as many health benefits, it is a medicinal spice and it's rich in mineral content. So it's great for your skin. So there you go, babyb, don't drink it ingest it, or you can apply it on your skin. If you have any questions folks send it to us on Myint Minute. Till next time. Cheers.