Achieve Youthful-looking Skin With a Liquid Facelift

By: Dr. Shoib Myint


With a world that’s more focused on looking younger for longer, many men and women are turning to cosmetic treatments at an earlier age. However, patients in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are typically not quite ready or willing to undergo invasive cosmetic procedures, like facelift surgery. Still, the early signs of aging may be starting to show, and these patients are ready to do something about them! One option that is gaining popularity among Las Vegas and Beverly Hills men and women who have mild to moderate signs of facial aging and aren’t interested in cosmetic surgery is the liquid facelift. In this blog, board-certified and fellowship-trained Oculo Facial Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint of Myint Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery discusses how a liquid facelift works, who is an ideal candidate for treatment, and what results are possible.

What is a liquid facelift vs. a regular facelift?

Most of us are familiar with the basics of facelift surgery, which involves removing excess skin and repositioning layers of muscle, tissue, and skin to create a softer, more youthful look. This may be your first time hearing about liquid facelifts, however. Unlike traditional facelift surgery, a liquid facelift is a nonsurgical procedure that uses a customized combination of injectable dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers and, in some cases, laser skin resurfacing to address many signs of facial aging without incisions, anesthesia, scarring, or extended downtime.

What can be treated with a liquid facelift?

Following a consultation and evaluation of your specific concerns, Dr. Myint will recommend a personalized treatment plan for your liquid facelift. Generally speaking, a liquid facelift with fillers and wrinkle relaxers is designed to restore lost facial volume, diminish visible lines and wrinkles, and create a smoother, more youthful, and lifted look overall. When combined with laser skin resurfacing, the results of a liquid facelift can be even more dramatic. Common facial concerns that can be treated with a liquid facelift include:

  • Forehead lines
  • Creases in forehead
  • Crow’s feet
  • Circles under the eyes
  • Hollow cheeks
  • Thin lips
  • Deflated features
  • Droopy jowls
  • Weak jawline
  • Smile lines
  • Frown lines
  • Lip lines
  • Smoker’s lines

How long does a liquid facelift last?

The various injectable products and skin rejuvenation treatments included in a liquid facelift may need to be refreshed at different intervals. For example, injectable wrinkle relaxers – like BOTOX® – usually provide about 3 – 4 months’ worth of results, while dermal filler injections – like JUVÉDERM® - can last for up to a year. Based on the details of your treatment, Dr. Myint will recommend a follow-up schedule that can keep you looking consistently your best in the fewest trips to the office possible. With regular follow-ups, your youthful new look can last for years to come.

Want the benefits of a facelift without going under the knife? Consider a liquid facelift in Southern California

Whether you’re not a candidate for anesthesia and surgery or your degree of facial aging isn’t quite severe enough to warrant surgical intervention just yet, a liquid facelift may be the solution you’ve been searching for to virtually turn back the clock without incisions, scarring, or a lengthy recovery. For more information about the benefits of a nonsurgical liquid facelift in Beverly Hills or Las Vegas, call Myint Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule your consultation with Dr. Shoib Myint today.

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