I Am Over 50. Can A Brow Lift Work For Me?

By: Dr. Shoib Myint


If you’ve ever been told that you look tired, angry, or upset when you feel perfectly fine, a drooping brow may be to blame. This common sign of aging affects many men and women, and can be particularly frustrating. Even younger patients often notice their brow beginning to sag, and some people are simply born with a heavy brow. Regardless of your age, brow lift surgery may be an appropriate solution for raising your brow and giving you a more approachable, awake, and attractive look. At Myint Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery, board-certified and fellowship-trained Oculo Facial Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint is proud to offer advanced brow lift surgery to help Las Vegas, NV and Beverly Hills, CA patients feel more comfortable and confident about their appearance. Keep reading to learn more about brow lift surgery, including whether you can ever be too young or too old for a brow lift.

What does a brow lift do?

Brow lift surgery is a popular facial rejuvenation procedure that aims to give patients a more youthful and/or pleasing overall appearance by raising the brow. Most often, brow lift surgery is performed to reverse age-related sagging and forehead wrinkles, though it can also be beneficial for patients who have a naturally strong or heavy brow. In some cases, brow lift surgery can also help to open up hooded eyes or create a more natural brow arch.

Which type of brow lift do I need?

Depending on the nature and severity of your concerns, your natural hairline, and other factors, Dr. Myint may recommend one of the following approaches for your brow lift surgery:

  • Traditional/open browplasty: involves an open incision beyond the hairline, which allows for additional surgical control and conceals scarring

  • Trichophytic brow lift: utilizes an incision within the hairline, allowing Dr. Myint to achieve a more dramatic lift

  • Temporal/lateral brow lift: a more appropriate solution for patients whose primary concerns involve the outer brow and Crow’s feet

  • Endoscopic brow lift: performed using multiple small incisions, endoscopic instruments, and a camera

Is 50 too old for a brow lift?

Because each procedure is completely customized to match the individual patient’s needs and goals, brow lift surgery can be beneficial at virtually any age. Although the majority of brow lift surgeries are performed for patients over the age of 40 – 50, there are many men and women who undergo brow lift surgery in their 20s and 30s to soften a naturally heavy brow, enhance their brow arches, reduce a large forehead, or address the early signs of aging.

While there is technically no upper or lower age limit for brow lift surgery, ideal candidates should be:

  • In good health
  • Over the age of 18
  • Nonsmokers
  • Have realistic expectations for their results
  • Have healthy motivations for surgery

When performed properly by a highly skilled Oculo Facial Plastic surgeon, like Dr. Myint, the results of brow lift surgery can be remarkably natural-looking and can last for years or even decades.

Raise your spirits with a brow lift in Beverly Hills, CA

If your drooping brow is bringing you down, we can help. With a wide range of facial and eye rejuvenation surgeries available at Myint Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery – including brow lift surgery – you can finally get the fresh, soft, stunning look you deserve. To learn more about the benefits of brow lift surgery at any age, call either of our convenient locations in Las Vegas, NV or Beverly Hills, CA to schedule your one-on-one consultation with renowned board-certified Oculo Facial Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint today.

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