Should I Stop Smoking Before Neck Lift Surgery?

By: Dr. Shoib Myint


Neck lift surgery is a helpful procedure to explore if you’re looking to improve your appearance. A neck lift helps remove loose skin under the chin while tightening the remaining skin to create a more defined appearance. At Myint Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA and Las Vegas, NV, board-certified and fellowship-trained Oculo Facial Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Shoib Myint is highly skilled in many cosmetic procedures, including neck lift surgery.

A neck lift can do wonders for your appearance and help you look your best, but it will be even more effective if you stop smoking before the surgery. The effects of nicotine can be dangerous to your body during a neck lift or any other plastic surgery procedure.

Nicotine in the bloodstream can harm the recovery

The main reason why you need to stop smoking before your neck lift surgery is because the effects of nicotine on your bloodstream can inhibit how well you can recover. A typical neck lift procedure will require some incisions in front of the ears or behind the scalp. Hanging bits of skin will be removed alongside fat deposits that may cause the skin to sag. The doctor will also pull any remaining tissue tight before applying sutures over the area.

The process will involve going through a few blood vessels, although it is not as invasive as you might think. But nicotine can cause those blood vessels to shrink and weaken, reducing blood flow in the area. The tissues won’t receive the oxygen they require, which is critical for the recovery process. Your skin tissues could die off from a lack of oxygen after the procedure.

What other concerns can smoking produce?

Smoking can also increase your likelihood of developing many other harmful effects following your neck lift. It may take longer for the incisions from the procedure to heal, plus you may notice more intense pain.

It takes about 7 – 10 days for the swelling and bruising from the neck lift to fade. The timeframe could be longer if you are an active smoker.

Other considerations to note

Our experts at Myint Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA and Las Vegas, NV also recommend that you are at a healthy weight before undergoing a neck lift. People who smoke often experience thicker fat deposits in certain areas, which might make it harder for someone to maintain a good weight.

The neck area should also be slim enough to where there aren’t too many fat deposits that might get to where you would require a liposuction procedure in the area beforehand. Smoking can make it harder for some of these fat deposits to disappear.

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