Will I Need Stitches After Blepharoplasty Surgery?

By: Dr. Shoib Myint


An eyelid lift or blepharoplasty surgery is an outstanding treatment that tightens the eyelids to showcase your eyes and improve functionality by reducing puffy or sagging skin around the ocular area. While this is one of the least painful facial procedures, you will require sutures around the eyelids to close the skin after the procedure. In some cases, you may have dissolvable sutures that don’t have to be taken out and disappear on their own.

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How do dissolvable stitches work?

Dissolvable stitches, also referred to as absorbable sutures, will be naturally absorbed by the body as the wound around the eyelid heals. Most dissolvable sutures are made with fibers that can easily and safely dissolve in the body. Depending on the situation, Dr. Myint will decide which suture is appropriate.

How long does it take dissolvable stitches to disappear?

It should take about a week before the dissolvable stitches begin to disappear. The sutures will not feel irritating or rough, and will be easier to manage after they start to disappear. Patients generally do not feel any unusual sensations in their eyes as these stitches dissolve.

It helps to avoid touching or rubbing the eyelids and areas around the eyes for a few days after the procedure. With any surgery, your skin tissue will require time to heal, and you may feel some soreness or slight bruising.

Can both eyelids use dissolvable stitches?

Dissolvable stitches are commonly used on the upper eyelids, as these tissues take less time to recover. Traditional stitches are more appropriate for the lower eyelids. Dr. Myint will review your situation and determine what works best for you.

How long will regular stitches be necessary?

Patients who require traditional non-dissolvable stitches will need to keep those stitches in place for about a week. We can monitor your situation and remove your stitches after a week if the area has healed enough.

You shouldn’t expect to find any visible scarring from the procedure, and scars are typically hidden by the eyelashes or inside parts of the eyelids. The eyelids recover from procedures faster than other tissues, but you should plan on resting and avoiding strenuous activities until you feel more comfortable.

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While the need for stitches following an eyelid lift will vary by patient, the end result in your appearance will certainly be pleasing to the eye. Dr. Shoib Myint at Myint Oculo Facial Plastic Surgery specializes in Oculo Facial Plastic and reconstructive surgery for patients in Las Vegas, NV and Beverly Hills, CA. You can visit our office on Wigwam Parkway in Henderson, NV or our North Rodeo Drive location in Beverly Hills to learn more about blepharoplasty surgery, or you can request a consultation online.

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